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  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Front
  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Right Side
  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Back
  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Open Pocket Detail
  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Rifle Holder Detail
  • MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack - Back Detail

MARKHOR Hunting WAPITI Evo II 25 RealTree® Max1® Camo One Strap Backpack

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Product Description

One strap single sling ambidextrous Hunting Backpack in Max1® Camo

The WAPITI EVOLUTION II 25 is equipped with a comfortable back designed to remove perspiration.  With its unique strap (carry on the right or left) it offers support even while shooting without any discomfort.  This bag is very versatile; perfect for travelers as it meets airline carry-on specifications.

Technical facts

  • Main material: Waterproof fabric; durable and silent in Max1®. 
  • Back: High density foam wrapped in 3D honeycomb mesh to wick away perspiration and follow the shape of the back. 
  • Strap: Padded foam 3D honeycomb mesh. Fits the tube of a water bag. 
  • Belt: With 3 D high density foam and honeycomb mesh.
  • Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped for a water bladder. 
  • Compartments: 1 main compartment. 
  • Pockets: 2 outside pockets (1 inside pocket with zip) on the front of the bag with magnetic closure; 2 pockets on the belt. 
  • Zips: YKK zips New reversed (the global benchmark for zips). 
  • Access: The main compartment through a top to bottom zipped opening. 
  • Wallet and Accessories: Carrying handle. 
  • Compression: 1 compression strap with elastic pocket on each side to adjust the volume of the bag material laterally to a tripod or other seat. 


  • RealTree® Max1® Camo

Product dimensions

  • Weight: 1.52 lbs.  
  • Dimensions: 22.83 x 12.99 x 3.54 inches
  • Capacity: 1,525 cubic inches (25 liters)


  • 100% Polyester
  • PVC backing

Adjustment: To adjust the bag to a custom fit it is important to carefully make minor adjustments until a proper fit is achieved. It is very important that the shoulder straps fit against the body with no space in between. The belt should be snug and placed on the hips and; depending on the setting; allow enough space to remove or add layers of clothing.

Firmly compress the content using external compression straps. The aim is to give the bag an elongated and slim profile. It is particularly important to maintain lateral balance: a bag that leans to one side puts excessive pressure on the spine and irritates shoulders. Also; be sure to put as much of your load as possible in the main compartment. The presence of various pieces of equipment attached around the outside of the bag can seriously disrupt the balance; especially when they can swing in any direction. Finally; avoid packing too many items in the upper pouch flap as it can add undue stress to the upper body.

Product Reviews

  1. Great Pack for Day Hunt

    Posted by Bill Howard on 8th Jul 2016

    Product Review: Hunter to Hunter Markhor Wapiti EVO II Backpack

    As a hunter and outdoorsman, I am always looking for backpacks that can do specific jobs. For instance, a bag for hiking does not necessarily work as a hunting backpack, and conversely, a hunting backpack will likely not work for an extensive hiking campaign.

    Hunter to Hunter offered me the opportunity to test a couple of bags. One bag I chose was something I did not have in my stockpile so to speak. It was unique and I immediately saw the usefulness in the design.

    The Markhor Hunting Wapiti Evo II backpack is a single strap design. For a day trip, this would make an ideal hunting companion.

    The backpack is designed so the strap can go over either shoulder. The strap is heavily padded for comfort. On the outside of the strap are two loop tags designed to slide the tube from a hydration bladder through to keep the tube from dangling.

    Obviously, if the strap is designed as such to hold the tube for a hydration bladder, that means the bag is designed to hold a hydration bladder. Inside the back portion of the bag is an elastic waterproof nylon pouch where the bladder sets. At the peak of the bag is the H2O Velcro port where the tube exits the bag.

    The main compartment of the bag is large enough to carry items for a day trip, roughly 25 litres of space. It is accessible from a full length heavy duty zipper that runs along the side of the triangular backpack. This makes it extremely easy to get to what you are looking for. The zipper is super strong and has a nice spot to grab and pull. There are no flaps to worry with when zipping or unzipping. Also located in the main compartment is a small pouch at the top good for holding a wallet, identification and of course your hunting license.

    The exterior of the bag has a grab handle located to the side of the peak, making it easy to grab hold of for picking up or sitting down. The handle is solid material and solidly sewn to handle all weight inside the bag.

    Located on either side of the bag are two mesh pockets ideal for sliding items that you would like quick access to such as a rangefinder. There is an adjustable strap above each pocket to assist in holding items such as a shooting stick.

    A larger pouch is mounted square at the bottom. One entrance has another heavy duty zipper with two smaller compartments inside. A second entrance is fastened by magnets. Along the waist belt are two other zippered pockets, one on each side.

    The back and waist belt support areas are heavily padded and designed to wick away moisture. The fabric of the entire bag is waterproof and has a felt touch to it which reduces noise effectively making it silent when hiking or brushing against trees and bushes.

    What advantages do these things offer? For a single day hunt which is what most of our adventures consist of, the bag suits the purpose well. It is large enough to hold the items you need for the one hunt, but small enough where you do not feel awkward bringing it along.

    Because of the size, it can also double as a single day hiking bag as well and is extremely comfortable with the single strap design.

    As with any backpack, it is important to adjust it properly to your frame and clothing. With the main compartment zipper running the full length of the backpack, it is easy to adjust the items inside in order to balance the bag properly since you do not have to worry about digging through the pack for what you are looking for, something many top entrance backpacks have issues with.